WASHINGTON — A former C.I.A. officer was sentenced on Friday to 20 years in prison by a federal judge in Northern Virginia for passing secrets to China in return for $25,000, bringing to a close one of several cases involving Chinese attempts to recruit former American intelligence officers.
The officer, Kevin Patrick Mallory of Leesburg, Va., had faced life in prison but Judge T. S. Ellis III decided that was too harsh. Still, it was more than the 10-year sentence that Mr. Mallory’s lawyers had argued was appropriate.
来自弗吉尼亚州利斯堡的凯文·帕特里克·马洛里(Kevin Patrick Mallory)本来面临终身监禁,但法官T·S·埃利斯三世(T. S. Ellis III)认为过于严厉。不过这比马洛里的律师认为合理的10年刑期还是要长了许多。
“Mallory not only put our country at great risk, but he endangered the lives of specific human assets who put their own safety at risk for our national defense,” said G. Zachary Terwilliger, United States attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.
“马洛里不仅把国家置于巨大的风险之中,还危及特定人力资产的生命,这些人为了我们的国防,把自身置之度外,”弗吉尼亚州东区联邦检察官G·扎卡里·特威利格(G. Zachary Terwilliger)说。
A jury convicted Mr. Mallory, 62, last year after a nearly two-week trial in Alexandria. Prosecutors said that he provided a Chinese intelligence officer with classified documents, a violation of the Espionage Act.
At the time of his recruitment, prosecutors said Mr. Mallory was in debt and behind his mortgage, making him an attractive target for Chinese intelligence. In 2017, he twice traveled to China, where an intelligence operative gave him a phone so they could communicate covertly. The F.B.I. later found classified documents on the phone, including at least two that had been successfully transmitted. Prosecutors said one of the documents “contained unique identifiers for human sources who had helped the United States government.”
Mr. Mallory’s case is among a spate of recent ones involving former American intelligence officials who had been recruited by the Chinese. In 2018, the F.B.I. arrested Jerry Chun Shing Lee, another former C.I.A. officer, who had repeated contacts with Chinese intelligence. He pleaded guilty in May to conspiring to spy for the Chinese. Mr. Lee also could face life in prison, but as part of the plea deal prosecutors will seek a sentence of 17 to 27 years.
马洛里的案件是近年发生的一系列涉及中国人招募前美国情报官员的案件之一。2018年,联邦调查局逮捕了另一名曾与中国情报部门有过多次接触的前中情局官员李振成(Jerry Chun Shing Lee)。今年5月,他对与中国人串谋从事间谍活动的行为供认不讳。李振成也可能面临终身监禁,但作为辩诉交易的一部分,检方将寻求17年至27年的徒刑。
In another case, Ron Rockwell Hansen, a former contractor for the Defense Intelligence Agency, is likely to spend 15 years in prison. He had met regularly with Chinese intelligence operatives in China, receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars. The F.B.I. began investigating his activities in 2014 and arrested him after a highly controlled operation. He pleaded guilty to attempted espionage and is scheduled to be sentenced in September.
在另一起案件中,前美国国防情报局(Defense Intelligence Agency)合同工罗恩·洛克威尔·汉森(Ron Rockwell Hansen)可能要入狱15年。他定期在中国与中方的情报人员会面,收受数十万美元。2014年,联邦调查局开始对他展开调查,并在一次高度受控的行动之后将其逮捕。他承认企图从事间谍活动,该案预计将在9月宣判
Like Mr. Hansen, Mr. Mallory had been employed by the Defense Intelligence Agency. Defense lawyers for Mr. Mallory had tried to say the cases were similar but prosecutors disagreed.
“The first, and most crucial, difference between Hansen and defendant is that Hansen accepted responsibility for his actions — and did so without delay,” prosecutors said in a court filing this year. “Conversely, to this day, defendant has yet to accept any responsibility whatsoever for his actions.”